Tutto Secco: A Limited T-Shirt Edition


Visual Communication Design, Product Design


Amore Store x Ilona Hartmann




In collaboration with Kerstin Finger and Ilona Hartmann

In a fun-filled collaboration with Ilona Hartmann, Amore Store proudly presents the TUTTO SECCO collection — perfect for a wonky, weird, and tipsy summer. This project saw the creation of a uniquely designed T-shirt that embodies the spirit of summer festivities, printed in the neighborhood of Neukölln.

For this collaboration, we've taken a unique approach to promotion by creating Instagram face filters. These filters feature smileys that not only entertain users but also cleverly link back to our product and store. It's an innovative way to make advertising enjoyable and interactive.

100% Cotton
Fit: Unisex
Grammage: 203g/m²

Available in "Blue on White" & "Glow in the Dark"

The Instagram filters have been a hit, adding a fun and engaging layer to our promotion and driving attention to the TUTTO SECCO collection. This interactive marketing strategy has enhanced user experience, increased brand visibility, and linked back to our physical products in a memorable way. It's been a summer to remember with smiles all around — both online and off!

Currently based in Berlin / Zürich