Crafting Conscious Everyday Objects


Co-Founder, Art Direction, Product Design






Photography: Achim Hatzius, Franziska Vehring

Founded in 2021 by a women's collective of four, Troppo creates and designs products that are sourced with sustainable materials and production techniques, putting a healthy environment at the center. In a fast-paced society, we commit to conscious living, taking great care with the things that we choose to surround ourselves with in our home and daily lives. With our collections, we want to give everyday products a higher value and a longer life.

As a co-founder, I am thrilled to guide through design processes, contribute to the exploration of sustainable production methods, and consistently shape a unique visual identity that consistently echoes throughout all our brand interactions.

In a world full of short-lived products, our team dedicated to crafting items that are practical, beautiful, and built to last. We all care deeply about adding a touch of timeless style to everyday things and the homes we surround ourselves in.

Our first product, the best-selling terry cotton towel, perfectly embodies these principles. These bath towels are not only super absorbent and soft, but they also make an eco-friendly choice for anyone who cares about sustainability without sacrificing quality or style.

Currently based in Berlin / Zürich