Creating a Seamless Identity


Brand Identity, Digital Product Design





How might we immerse customers in the world of Troppo, a Berlin-based design label which aims to make the ordinary stand out? From the ground up, we designed a seamless story of the brand’s aesthetic across multiple platforms. Our objective was to ensure that whether a customer was interacting with the online shop, handling the stationery, browsing through Instagram, or enjoying our uniquely designed packaging and postcards, they would encounter a consistent and engaging brand identity.

The visual identity kicked off with a fresh, user-friendly design for the e-commerce platform. In a number of workshops with the founding team and potential customers, we gathered the needed insights to make good design decisions about the identity. This allowed us to identity a clean, modern aesthetic with vibrant colors that perfectly mirrors Troppo’s lively brand personality. In close collaboration with the web development team, I brought this direction to its first application in the form of the website. In addition to the visual design, I also optimized the user experience within the technological constraints.

We extended the new identity into essential communication tools including stationery and Instagram templates and our newsletter. Each piece is carefully designed to maintain consistency in style and tone, ensuring that all customer interactions feel connected.

Currently based in Berlin / Zürich