Evolving Identities from Print to Events


Visual Communication Design


Radio Rasa



Throughout my time at Radio RaSA, I was dedicated to blending the auditory with the visual, subtly shaping a station experience that was not only cohesive and recognizable but also deeply supportive of emerging talent and the broader independent music community.

Throughout those years, I evolved the station's visual communication. This role required me to develop and manage a coherent visual appearance across all platforms and materials associated with the station. From posters and flyers for events, to advertisement in the local weekly newspaper Schaffhauser AZ and monthly print programs, my aim was to create a unified visual language that communicated the station's values and original character.

The Rasa Künstler:innen Kalender is one of my favorite projects that was created during my time at Radio Rasa. It all started as an initiative during the corona pandemic with the aim of drawing attention to the local culture and art scene and bringing it closer. The result is an edition of 200 print wall calendars featuring the artists:

Anna Peterer, Emanuel Künzle, Fritz Sauter, Hannah Grüninger, Jennifer Bennet, Jens Bähring, Kooni, Mark Paterson, Mariana Gavriilidi, Stefan Kiss, Tina Ragettli and Ursula Maurmann.

A large part of my creative work was designing posters and flyers for events, as well as designing and curating our monthy print program that featured broadcast dates, record reviews, cultural tips and an editorial. As an alternative NGO and non-profit radio station, it was always my impulse and desire to bring people together and create inclusive events that offered an alternative to the mainstream and invited people to discover.

Another great project was the routine of designing a weekly print advertisement for the local newspaper Schaffhauser AZ. Among other things, the aim was to advertise the morning show Easy Riser, in-house events and initiatives, program changes and news. I enjoyed a lot of freedom in terms of development and storytelling. All ads are hand-drawn, in AZ's signature colors black and red and embody the station's handmade flair.

Currently based in Berlin / Zürich