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My work at Radio Rasa and further training in radio journalism and moderation have awakened a great interest in creating and producing formats myself.
Over the years, I have developed and hosted several live programs at Radio Rasa and co-developed diverse podcast formats, such as Popformat or why – ein Service Design Podcast at why does robin.

Untouched/Discovered was a show I produced and hosted between 2015-2017. It featured new, untouched pieces and discoveries of mine that touched me. So the hour-long show was a refreshing mix of old and new.

Service, complet ran between 2019-2021 and was dedicated entirely to one record. In the movement of short, effective songs and the rise of streaming platforms like Spotify with a focus on individual hits, it was important to me to put the focus back on an album and give it full attention.

A Playlist: _ was a carefully curated mixtape format that aired on Radio Rasa between 2018-2021. Each episode had a title — from food, to instruments, love or stress — all songs were dedicated to a theme or mood.

During the long corona lockdown in Berlin at the end of 2020, I teamed up with my good friend Alex Kralisch to create a Podcast: Popformat. He worked in music as an AR for a big label, I worked at a small independent radio station. Two completely different industries, although they move in the same field. Our incentive was to present songs and soundscapes that were still unknown to us. Both of us had a short snippet to present to each other. Then we played song ping-pong, commercial talent met lo-fi underground pop.

Currently based in Berlin / Zürich