Library of Resonance: An Interactive Audio Collection


Storytelling, Digital Product Design



The Library of Resonance captures human memories in a variety of timeless spaces to connect the past with the future within the present. Using binaural audio recordings, everyday moments are realistically captured and brought to life in the form of immersive audio spaces. These soundscapes evoke personal memories from different stages of life — some blurred by time, others as sharp as if they had just happened yesterday.

Participants are invited to contribute their own voice recordings, turning the Library into a dynamic space for shared stories. By engaging with these impressions, a playful and interactive approach to oral history is created. Listeners and narrators find themselves between different periods.

The Library of Resonance (LOR) comprises spaces with binaural audio recordings. These recordings were made during six months in my everyday life in Berlin and while traveling.

They preserve memories, have touched me, and are my personal contribution to the project. As similar as the sensations towards sounds or spaces can be, the stories and memories that people associate with them are individual.

Our age, the era we belong to, our upbringing, and the people and places that surround us—all shape how we hear the world. Through the Library of Resonance, I aim to make these auditory distinctions not only perceivable but tangible, encouraging others to document their life stories through sound.

Currently based in Berlin / Zürich