Visualizing Strategy


Brand Identity, Digital Product Design


For Planet Strategy Lab




In collaboration with Samuel Huber and Max Well

For Planet Strategy Lab's (FPSL) aim is to forge a versatile and cohesive visual identity that appeals across varied sectors — from corporate to arts and education — ensuring it stands out with a timeless, modern flair unlike typical consulting firms. The project featured the creation of a logo and visual elements to maintain aesthetic consistency across all mediums.

As prototyping is one of FPSL's core methods, I am involved in an ongoing process of shaping and evolving the branding across various touchpoints. Using Figma for prototyping as a team allows us to dynamically adjust our designs, resulting in a sophisticated visual identity that can grow with the brand and strongly connect with FPSL’s varied audiences.

At the core of Planet Strategy Lab's branding lies the symbol of the lens — representative of detailed observation and the dynamic interplay of focus and perspective.

The lens as our central motif, encapsulating our ability to zoom in on minute details or zoom out for a wider perspective. This capability is visualized through an identity which incorporates varying shapes and forms — from perfect circles to distorted, organic contours, symbolizing the diverse viewpoints and insights we bring to each project. Sometimes sharp and in focus, then blurred and distant.

Currently based in Berlin / Zürich