FC Amore: Weaving Memories into a Scarf


Visual Communication Design


Amore Store




Photos: Kerstin Finger

Every season, Amore Store Berlin presents a special fan scarf collection, for which various renowned artists and designers contribute their creative designs. Since 2020, this tradition has taken root and renowned artists such as Eike König, Esra Gulmen, Sven Regener and Sarah Illenberger have left their mark on the collections.

Along with these renowned contributors, I've had the opportunity to add my own design – the Frutta Scarf — to the evolving collection.

The Frutta Scarf is inspired by a road trip to Tuscany and pays homage to Italian packaging design. 

The illustrations were created as a collage from my packaging collection, first painted on paper with colored pencils and then digitized.

Knitted jacquard fan scarf, made in Germany
Size: approx. 145 x 17 cm
100% polyacrylic yarn (certified according to Ökotex 100 standard)

Currently based in Berlin / Zürich